Between the Breasts-S1:E10


August Ames, a horny blonde, struts in the room wearing a matching bra and pantsy set. Jay Smooth is also enticed by her large tits. She then takes off her bra and shows Jay her amazing tatas. With a small amount of spit, she massages her nipples until they become hard. Then, she grabs an underwear that fits her and pulls it down. She then wraps up her body in the towel and lies down on an ottoman. Jay Smooth spots her and offers to massage her boobs with some oil. He also gives her deep kisses. Jay uses his magical touch to make August feel enchanted by Jay’s smooth, silky twat. After licking August’s skin with the oil, he leans forward to take it out. Jay’s slapped tongue makes August scream with delight. She then spreads August’s thighs in an attempt to make her love more open. He is able to take her out in this position, and he does so with ease. She brings him down with long, steady strokes of her hands. She then leans forward, presses her hands together to give Jay a good fling. Jay feels the soft sheathe mixed with stimulation from August’s puffy lip mouth. Finally, Aug climbs up on Jay and sits down on his hips. As she slowly slides down, August feels a growing fullness and takes her boyfriend’s hardon in her tight twat. She slowly moves her hips forward in slow, steady strokes once she has sat down fully. Gradually, she increases her speed and eventually moves up to a complete bazonga-shaking stiffie. Jay takes over the work of slamming her snatch, and she turns to let August do the same. Jay gives August the pussy pumping she needs, and he goes all out on that smooth slit. Jay realizes she is close to cumming and August turns onto her back so Jay can take her home. Jay cannot wait to see her pulse around him. He pulls out and focuses on August’s stomach to give her a hot stream.

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