Fondle My Big Tips – S5E1


Darcia Lee is a beautiful young woman who can show her big boobs and wear crop tops. Max Dior comes in to find her in a comfortable chair. She is also incredibly sexy. Max rubs Darcia’s big tits with his large hands and then relieves Darcia of her top to let him play with the jiggling cups. Max makes sure to be attentive to every one of them, pressing down on the ends and then licking their nips until they are all gone. Darcia is unable to contain her excitement and gets up to take a look at Max’s buxom body. She soon has Max with her back, and Max lets his hands run free between her naked twats and her bosom. Max guides Dacia back to the chair and she eagerly spreads her legs for Max, who can then plumb her twat between her and her bosom. Next, she urges Max to climb onto the bed and she will repay him with soft lips and soft hands. Darcia holds her breath while stroking Max’s neck and pulling at his hair, giving him a great blowjob. Max allows her to lean forward and creates a sheath by pressing her two swaying bambos together. Darcia then climbs on Max’s back for a ride. To get both their enjoyment, she leans forward just enough. Max is captivated by the way her boobies move with every stroke. Darcia switches it up and gets down on her knees to give Max leverage so he can grab her from behind. First, he takes a detour and runs his tongue across his lover’s creaming sauce. Then he moves north towards her pouty anus. Darcia rears up and moans in delight. Max then focuses his attention to her chocolate starfish, while Max uses his thumb for her pleasure. Max raises up and replaces Darcia’s thumb with his cock, to let Darcia slide home to Max’s tune. His hardon is so enticing that she can’t stop looking at it between her thighs. She falls over to Max and spreads her thighs again for more fun. Max agrees to follow Darcia, and he follows her down to take her while she lies on her back playing with her tender little jugs. Then he pulls away when he is unable to take the pressure any longer. Darcia obliges by placing her boobs in front of him to provide a spot for the stream of cum that pours out from him, as he rubs his buxom teen lover all over.

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