Grabbed – S1E11


Valentina, the thong-clad babe and bust of Valentina, wanders through the kitchen looking for something to eat. Bruce Venture appears just in time to help Valentina confront him over the rotten food. But he is able to divert her attention with promises of more than a snack. Valentina is greeted upstairs by Bruce Venture who happily pulls out his hardon and gives him a big, mangled gulp. Valentina creates a wrap around Bruce’s stiffie and she rocks her breasts in full-fledged titty fist. She then opens her mouth and begins to bite at Bruce’s head. She will be rewarded by her boyfriend, who will approach her behind and gently teasing her with warm breaths a few seconds before she finishes. His tongue has had enough of Valentina’s sweetening and is now teasing her with his warm breath. Bruce then replaces the mouth of his cock with his head. To his delight, he begins to slide in after Valentina has covered his hardon in her pussy juices. While Bruce is stroking her tums with slow, long strokes, she assists her in spreading her own arse. Valentina twists over so she can keep eye contact with Bruce and massage her titties. Bruce supports Valentina by stretching his hips to make long thrusts. His hand is splayed across her stomach. Bruce continues to pound away as Valentina’s muscles tremble around his. Valentina decides to take matters into her own hand when he finally pulls away. He pulls away and she strokes his back, pressing her hardon into her breasts.

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