Hot Sex S4E11


Busty Katarina Hartlova walks into the kitchen and makes herself tea. As she makes her tea, she pours a glass of water for David Hartlova. As the tea is being brewed, David joins her, pulling Katarina’s giant knockers out of her blouse. As she is energized, Katarina drops to her knees and takes her boyfriend’s hardon into her mouth. Katarina pushes her bazongas together and creates a sheath for him around his stiffie. Katarina lays back on the couch. David pushes Katarina’s panties and shorts aside so Katarina can expose her naked twat. To grab at Katarina’s juices, he flies his tongue across the couch and slides her slippery slit up. Katarina grabs Katarina’s boobs and lets them play with large globes, while her boyfriend eats the snatch. David curls behind Katarina and places his fuckstick at Katarina’s tight spot. He then pushes to get in his bum. Katarina dances with David’s thrusts while still moving her hips. She also plays with Katarina’s breasts, and sometimes even brings one to her lips to seduce her own nipple. She lets her passion overtake her, and her entire body erupts with joy. Katarina savors a long, passionate kiss. She lays down on her stomach so her hands touch the couch’s leather. Katarina cannot help but to rock into her stiffie when her boyfriend approaches her from the side. David presses into Katarina’s hips, and her moans get louder. Katarina is so proud of her, that he cannot help but look at her dancing boobies as he lays on his back. She can’t stop bouncing off David’s legs and her hips are working overtime. Her speed increases until the climax is reached. David is unable to control his quivering pussy walls, so he gives her a quick hot creampie with cum.

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