More than Enough – S3E5


European treasure Katarina Hartlova wears a beautiful evening dress with no bra as she waits to meet her husband David. He arrives and she greets him with a large kiss. David agrees to help, and soon his large hands cover Katarina’s massive knockers. To make it easier for him to reach them, she pulls them from her bodice and drags David into the bedroom. Katarina then rewards David by pulling her breasts out. He is entertained by her playful jiggling of his nipples. Katarina lets David work while Katarina leans forward, securing his lips over the hard tips. She then massages her own bums while David takes off her gown and pulls aside her thong. Katarina almost burns herself when he plunges into her body with his fingers. Katarina then turns the tables and slips her hot lips over his head. As she suckles him, Katarina squeezes her breasts while squeezing them for a little bit. She then presses her boobs together to have a good sex. He is ready and hard to her, so she puts her thigh on David’s hip. She then slides onto the stick with her large boobs for a titty fuck. She then gets down on her knees and lays her arms across David’s chest, allowing her breasts to hang free. Katarina then falls onto her back, David supporting her. Katarina raises her leg to allow David to smash into her. David continues to get closer to sucking, and Katarina keeps sucking till her mouth is full of jizz. As she backs up, she allows her husband’s cumshot to drip into her breasts. It leaves her covered with sticky delight.

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