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American Ella Knox, a lusty American, is feeling hot when she gets up in the morning. She rubs her large breasts, and then pinches the hardened nipples. Her hand is already wet from her slipper. Ella knows that she can’t stop chumping until she is satisfied so she grabs her glass of dildo. She stretches her hand down her thong and rubs it against her skin before moving the toy around in her creamy fuckhole. As she masturbates, her hand reaches down and snakes around. This is how Bambino found her as he entered the room. Bambino is delighted to be able to share in Ella’s sexual playtime, as he sees such an exquisite feast before him. He lets her soft, soothing cries inform him of his love for her and continues to press the button. He raises his fingertips and slides his finger into Ella’s dripping pussy. Ella then rubs her tits in the sweet liquids as Ella kneels down before him. While she leans forward, Ella starts to suck and focuses on Bambino’s delicate head. She presses her breasts against her chest to start sucking, focusing her attention on the tender head of Bambino. He presses every inch of her body down as she slides slowly on to his thick fuckstick. She then starts to rotate her hips and fuck him while leaning forward to get deep, loving kisses. His tight, firm twat is relentless and continues to slap Ella’s torso. She quavers in excitement as she falls on her stomach and curls up, with Bambino behind her. As she reach down to touch her clit, her excitement overtakes her and sends her flying with joy. Bambino follows her to the finish. He pulls himself out of the hot sheath and reaches down to rub his stiffie until he can shoot his cum shot over Ella.

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