Smother Me S1:E9


Cassidy Banks is a beautiful brunette who can’t stop admiring her big, natural boobs. To entice Tyler Nixon, the beautiful brunette is dressed in lingerie and in seduction mode. As she rubs her tiny body with her fingertips, Cassidy slowly strips her shirt and puts her hands on Tyler. As she releases them from their bras, Cassidy bounces them around with her hands. She also gives Tyler lots of attention by giving her hard nipples and big areolas. She leans forward and sways the toys in Tyler’s direction. He sucks their tips and squeezes them. Cassidy then wiggles her hands down Tyler’s back and rubs her breasts against his velvety erection. Tyler is the only one she sees when Cassidy opens her mouth and engulfs the tip. She soon begins to lick Tyler’s cock and she quickly sucks it. After that, she glides down and sucks on Tyler until her eyes are full. It’s now a hot ride. Tyler can feel her titches bouncing around on Tyler. Tyler alternates between pulling on Cassidy and holding her large, swaying arms. Cassidy’s excitement is heightened when Tyler pushes in from the behind, changing things so she’s now on her knees. Tyler strokes Cassidy as hard as she can. She delights in the way he twists his hair into her hair and pulls at her neck so he can kiss her ears and neck. Cassidy’s ecstasy overwhelms her and she falls to her bed. Tyler continues pumping without stopping, but Cassidy is done. She is determined to get Tyler off her back, and so she kneels down before Tyler and presses her breasts together. She accepts his invitation and fucks the sheathe in her tits, until it covers her chest. Cassidy finishes Tyler’s hardon off in one last, seductive slurp.

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