After a dream in which Kylie Page, a petite babe, rubbed her natural boobs while asleep, Kylie woke up the next morning. As she climbs from her bed, Kylie Page walks towards the mirror and continues to squeeze her big knockers. After a few more exploratory touches she takes off her shirt. After a few more exploratory touches, Nude returns to bed and wakes Bambino. Kylie rubs Bambino’s briefs with her fingertips, then leans forward to track his shaft with her tongue. After tasting his head, she settles down to eat more. Soon, she’s licking Bambino and his hardon. She delivers a blowjob from the glove of her mouth by licking and sucking. Bambino can’t contain his excitement as she leans forward, gliding her lover’s dick in her breasts. After slipping down Kylie’s body, he begins to kiss her. He takes the time not to forget her soft knockers. As he approaches her landing strip, he waves his tongue and teases her. Bambino loves Kylie’s squirming and he applies his lips to her pussy feast. His tongue and fingers work overtime for Bambino’s delight. Kylie gets on her knees and climbs up onto her hands so her large bottom is hers. Bambino reaches deep into Kylie’s twat, then begins to stroke. He tries to keep his rhythm and milks Kylie’s delight with expert strokes on his stiffie. He slowly lifts Kylie up with his stiffie and cups them under his hanging breasts. Slowly at first she picks up speed and then speeds up. Bambino quickly realizes that Kylie is putting on a great show. He loves the friction Kylie creates. Kylie enjoys watching Bambino’s smooth movements between Kylie and her legs. He then turns to her in reverse cowgirl. Kylie’s knockers explode with force when he raises her legs for better penetration. Kylie is aware she’s close to getting cumming so she reach down to rub her clit until it explodes. Bambino pulls out at the very last moment, covering Kylie with his affection. After being satiated, Kylie cannot stop a scream of joy from passing her lips as Bambino plunges into Kylie’s needy muff and licks her until the final moment.

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